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 Post subject: What is Pinup Player. What are PuP-Packs. What is Popper...
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 5:01 am 
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I decided to do a simple “Basics” video of:

What is Pinup Player, What are PuP-Packs, What is Pinup Popper, What is Pinup System.

It’s an overview that goes over the basics and some of the many features of each to hopefully clarify some things for people who get them mixed up, or don’t understand how they work.

With my new Jaws Ultimate Pro 1.06 DOFLinx MX SSF PuP mod and PuP-Pack about to come out soon.... I thought it would be good to start to teach you guys what PuP is all about.

I'll have more videos coming to explain more and show how to get it to work with FP.



Pinup Player 0:35
Pup-Packs 8:40
Pinup System 15:24
Pinup Popper 16:00

Pinup Wiki page:

Pinup Installer and Tools: ... and-tools/


 Post subject: Re: What is Pinup Player. What are PuP-Packs. What is Popper
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 8:27 am 
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Awesome... thanks Terry :)

 Post subject: Re: What is Pinup Player. What are PuP-Packs. What is Popper
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 9:33 am 

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Thanks Terry !

 Post subject: Re: What is Pinup Player. What are PuP-Packs. What is Popper
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 11:24 am 

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Thanks Terry! Your video really makes things more clear. Also, I want to try your Jaws Pup-Pack for desktop. I might be able to adapt it for use with my "Rotated Display" method of playing tables in portrait mode on my desktop. Whenever I create one of them I end up stretching the playfield vertically a bit more than is needed so I might be able to create some real estate for it.

You know I have posted many tables where I have included a "Rotated Display" version of the table but I don't have a clue whether anyone uses it. All I can say is it gets downloaded.


 Post subject: Re: What is Pinup Player. What are PuP-Packs. What is Popper
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 2:07 am 
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I have started doing some "Virtual Pinball Essentials" videos on my channel.

This first video is the best place to START for installing all the prerequisite software you are going to need if you want to use PuP-Packs with Future Pinball (or Visual Pinball).

It's essential to have all the correct software installed, and in correct order to prevent headaches....and to do it the right way the first time.

It's super easy if you use my video guide and the PuP wiki for all the details and file downloads. ... tall_guide

Once you are at the point of installing Pinup Player... I would wait until I have my follow up videos for setting that up for desktop use. You can install the PuP files following Nailbuster's video, but hold off on the setup (size and position) of the PuP screens unless you are a cabinet user.

Then you will be ready for the rest which will be setting up the PuP screens for Desktop use and DOFLinx...but I would wait for that until I get another video out for setting that up.

Also, you guys can check out my Visual Pinball Essential video as well if you like...

...and my 3 part Future Pinball Essentials video tutorial. It cover mostly all the basics... but I'm leaving the more advanced BAM features and tutorials for other videos as the run time for these video was already long enough.

Finally! The Virtual Pinball "Software" Essentials videos for Future Pinball - PART 1, 2 and 3

Future Pinball may be 11 years old now...but that hasn't stopped it from getting better and better.... thanks to Ravarcade's BAM (Better Arcade Mode).

Today, Future Pinball looks much better, plays much better and has loads of new features that table authors and players can use. The potential has barely been tapped into.

This topic has A LOT of content, and I can't cover everything in one video (there's more coming)...but I cover the entire spectrum to give you all the basics so you understand what everything is and how it works. You will be up and running with Future Pinball, BAM, tables, and DMDs the right way... the FIRST time!


Intro - 0:01
Install Future Pinball - 2:34
Install BAM - 3:58
BAM Head Tracking Demos - 5:13
If you see this dork on the street.... RUN! - 5:44
Install BAM OpenVR 8:02
Remove Watermark, restrictions, etc (modified Future Pinball.exe) - 9:17
FutureDMD, FPIntercept - 15:39
Exclusive Fullscreen vs Borderless Windowed - 17:35
How to Force Borderless Windowed Mode - 19:18
Functions of Files and Folders - 21:36
BAM: how basic physics works with xml files - .22:04
Future Pinball's FANTASTIC Manual - 30:30
Libraries Folder - 30:52
Scripts Folder - 33:42
Tables Folder - 34:55


Editor and Options - 0:29
Table demonstration (Robots Invasion) - 1:06
DISABLE "Load Images Into Table Editor" - 3:56
Game Keys and Controls - 5:04
Manual Ball Roller - 7:03
Video and Rendering Options - 11:18
Arcade Mode, When you DO and DON'T use it - 16:04
Script Editor - 21:27
HUD DMDs and HUD Overlays - 23:07
FP Lighting vs BAM New Renderer Lighting - 29:56
FP Lighting Demo - Star Trek (Stern) (Ultimate) - 32:01
BAM New Renderer Lighting Demo - Star Trek (Stern) (Ultimate PRO) - 33:45
BAM Menu and Settings - 37:53


DOFLinx and Pinup Player - 0:21
PuP-Pack Demo - JAWS Ultimate PRO - 3:50
NO Roms - 9:51
Cabinets and Arcade Mode - 12:39
Post Processing with Light Presets - 21:39
BAM Mini-Playfield example - Star Trek Space Battle - 23:35
Website for Tables and Communities - 26:36
SLAMT1LT's Pinball Emporium - 27:06
SLAMT1LT's Youtube Channel - 29:31
VPU, VPinball, VPForums, IR Pinball - 31:01
PinSimDB and GoPinball - 32:52
Closing Thoughts - 37:11

I'm sure you guys will watch those FP videos and be like "No you missed this!" or "You got that wrong!" Only so much you can fit into one video running completely on the fly by memory.

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