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 Post subject: Re: Join the squad.
 Post Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:28 am 
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Creating things and programming them is for me real hard. It have taken me some time to understand FP software, this because of the help of others. Creating a new FP software editor and player is quite hard. I know that i have fiew books about programming, there is one book if i correctly remember; because it is into one of my box's is called: Bible C++ Resources Guide. Well something as that name.

I still have my old softwares not installed on my pc of Microsoft called: (Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2010 / Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express / Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express / Microsoft Visual Web Express 2010) Well in the time it was some softwares free for some students. I still think i have my own activation serial numbers of the softwares that Microsoft have givin me in the past.

The thing that is important when creating some software compatible with old computer as mine Windows XP SP3. Is that the setup files is of course virus free, because more and more antivirus check even into the pc registry if there is some incompatibility and could think it is some virus. An other thing that is important is that the setup files "must" all be standalone offline softwares. Because in time if some peoples what to put it back on there old pc and need some setup file that is online; it arrive that some times the file on the web is not there any more.

Like in the past Microsoft have givin some iso file called: Last Security Updates for Windows XP SP3. So when some peoples wanted to put there old Windows XP SP3 Installation CD, after installing brand new they after installed the security update disk files.

Some peoples think that Microsoft dont do any more security updates for Windows XP SP3. Well that's not true totally, it is partially true! Remember when there was the virus called "WannaCry / DoublePulsar". Well there is some security patch for it. Proof of what i'm saying, well here is the direct link for Windows XP SP3 security patch for this type of virus:

There is also a url link for: (Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 32bits / Windows 8 64bits / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 version 1511 / Windows 10 version 1607) for this type of virus. Ok some of you might say there is no different versions of the latest Windows 10, but if you do your search correctly you'll find out that it is true.

Me i'm better in visualizing things and giving some ideas that could orient some project by seiing some printscreens images. Or even write some guides as mine that are Google search: "Futurepinball Free PDF Guides". Still i might be interrested to Join the Squad, but for things i could help, i have fiew knowledges but not an expert; this when i have some available time.

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