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:arrow: What is Future Pinball?
According to main site, Future Pinball is a real time Pinball Development System.
It means that this is a pinball simulator, where you can build and play your own table. Of course, you can also play table built by the many and talented authors around here.
It runs natively on windows (Xp / Vista / Seven), but also works on Mac OS X and Linux using Wine.

:arrow: Where I can get it?
Get it at official site : or here ... re_pinball

:arrow: Who made Future Pinball and will there be new versions?
Future Pinball was made by Christopher Leathley, a.k.a black, but is not maintained anymore.
It’s unlikely to see new version as the simulation is not open source. But very talented authors are pushing Future Pinball limits table after table! There is also some mods to imporove FP capabilities, see BAM / Zed section.

:arrow: Where can I find table to play with?
In the default setup there is only a template table (an empty table containing basic elements and a fully documented script). Go and download some tables at

:arrow: What is the current Future Pinball Version
Lastest and official version of Future Pinball is : v1.9.1

The previous official one, v1.9, has a expiration date set to XX/XX/XXX. You can still use it by changing the date of your PC.
This version has the ability to change arcade renderer lighting (was removed in 1.9.1), but arcade renderer need to be activated at command line.

:arrow: What is Future Pinball Physics 2.3/2.3c/2.4/2.5/2.6?
These are exe modifications made by Slamtilt or other table authors to change some physic settings. Note that exe modifications are unofficial and are not supported by GoPinball.
Some tables are specifically designed for a version, see table notes to know which version you should use.

Moded executables must be placed in the same folder as the official one, just copy it in your Future Pinball directory with a different name and use the one your want.

:arrow: What is BAM?
BAM is a FP mod made by Ravarcade. It begins as some Arcade Renderer enhancements, but now is a complete tools for dealing with all FP mods. See the BAM corner for more information.

:arrow: What is Zedonious Physics?
Zedonious Physic (Zed mod) is a mod targeting the FP physic system. Tables must be build for this version and are not compatible with legacy Future Pinball. See the Zed section for more information.

:arrow: Is Future Pinball supporting ROMs ?
Simple answer: NO. Black (the author of Future Pinball) don't want to add rom support for various reasons.

Using Future Pinball & Troubleshooting

:arrow: What’s arcade renderer?

:arrow: graphical settings
See this thread : viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1709

:arrow: How to use the mouse ball roller?
Mouse ball roller help you debug (or cheat ;) ) while in game. When activated, you can move the ball at any table locations.
To enable mouse test roller, enable mouse support in "preferences --> Game Keys and Controls". Then, while in game, hit the "/" (of the num pad) and move the ball with the mouse.
Troubleshooting: in none english version of Windows, the mouse ball roller doesn't work.
All you need to do is to copy dinput8.dll file from english Windows XP to future pinball installation folder in non-english version of your Windows. If you don't have english Windows XP then you'll only need to download this file: . After you have downloaded it move, it where you have installed Future Pinball(where the main EXE is) and manual ball roller will be brought to life. I should work inf Windows XP, Vista and 7 (probably not in Windows 64).

:arrow: DMD: the score is scrambled in the DMD

Building table

:arrow: I want to build my own table, how can I start?
In this forum, you can find a lot of help

:arrow: Am I allowed to use copyrighted material?
No full length copyrighted music. Using pictures, music samples, film samples (speech), film video clips (few seconds) should be assimilated to Fair use agreement and are accepted. Of course if any copyright holders ask us to remove any material, we will do it ASAP without any question!

:arrow: Can I modify an existing table?
Regarding modding table, a simple question always suffice : "Can I?". Good judgment at any time is king. People have emotion and when they feel ripped, they might be angry. There is nothing to explain, It's common sense.

:arrow: How I build custom 3D model?
FPM editor: this tool will convert your milkshape 3D objects to FPM (Futupre Pinball models).
:arrow: The FPM official site is here:
:arrow: The forum dedicated to FPM Editor and resources is here: viewforum.php?f=7
:arrow: A complete free solution using blender (with tutorial): viewtopic.php?f=74&t=1700
:arrow: Ramps tutorial by Francisco666: ...

:arrow: How I release my table?
Release your table at, see ths post for a how-to : viewtopic.php?f=72&t=2532

_________________ projects : - FPM Editor - FPWine - Speed Devils table

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