I'm creating bit by bit a Zelda rpg game
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Author:  20degree [ Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:59 pm ]
Post subject:  I'm creating bit by bit a Zelda rpg game

Hi there

Just want to share that i'm creating bit by bit a Zelda rpg game.

It is made with the free software Solarus. You can find it with "Solarus Games"

I have difficulty to understand the programming LUA, and because of my way's of life: work, groceries, pay bills, etc; i advance slowly.

MadMrMax have suggested to my self that i just simply share about it.

Here is a youtube video of it, of course it dont show all the maps:

Here is an old map of the outside world, that i have think:

Of course the legend of the image say: Water/mountain "not passable", but trough time i have change it. Note that the sand is some mountain.

What stay the same is that each "outside world map" has 800px by 600px. Also where there is some "green lines" simply indicate that the player can pass from one map to the next one. As said the water and mountain can be passed also.

The outside world map make you realize the complexity of the order to go to the next objectif map. The first map is "VR", the player do fiew things and go to the entrance of the first dungeon (B1 "Boss 1") wich is at the map of "B2".

Then the player go do things to the (V2 "Village 2") that is at the map of "I1". Then it reach the entrance of (B2 "Boss ") at the coordinate of "I9" and so on.

Looking at the map make you realize that the player explore the outside world. Having not an outside map as shown here, the difficulty to find the next villages and next boss dungeon entrance to go.

The story i have think about is related to the magical mirror. I simply have think that the reason why the character Link of the Zelda game, why do he come again and again? So i have think that it is because of the magical mirror, that make some kind of clone of Link.

Then i have think of an other story that the magic mirror make Link communicate with his cousin that i have called "Rick". Dont know wich story i'm gonna adopt still?

When the player have done all boss it make a door unlock on some floor of the castle of "VR".

There is many thing i must think about. The lives, items, story, characters as NPC, ennemies, boss, menu's, etc. But i can say the caracter act the same as the Link caracter on the Snes game Zelda a Link to the Past. As hitting some switch's, falling, jumping, opening some chess, diving, going up/down some stairs.

A good way that you would simply understand what i mean, is simply download the software Solarus, also download and play "Zelda Mystery of Solarus DX".

Boy time past fast, ive got to do to sleep to work tomorrow.


Author:  MadMrMax [ Thu Jun 20, 2019 1:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I'm creating bit by bit a Zelda rpg game

Thanks for sharing more details!! Very cool!


Author:  20degree [ Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I'm creating bit by bit a Zelda rpg game

Well the youtube video show the player starting at map "A1".

Of course i could make it start from an other starting point.

But if you look the image of the (Outside world map), you look at the map "A1", after a while the caracter go to the map under; wich is the map "B1".

If you compare it to the image, you will notice that the player (cannot) from map "B1" to map "B2" pass. As the video the player when on map "B1" on the right side of the map you see some trees blocking the way to map "B2". As the image shown, the way the player can enter the map "B2" is by comming from the map "B3".

On the video the player when starting to map "A1" then it go to map "B1" showing the blocking trees, then come back to map "A1" to map "A2" wich is a map of sand. Comparing the image of map "A2", you notice that the player cant pass from map "A2" to the map under wich is map "B2". There is some trees blocking. When the player pass from one map to an other it is because of (invisible wanted teleporter) that are on an end of a map; indicating when the player touch it it then reach the wanted map and scroll as in Zelda.

From the map "A2" the player go to map "A3" i have passed the caracter into some "none-deep" water, showing some water waves when it walk over. In deep water the player must have some water-shoe item to swim.

In map "A4" the player walk on grass, and it show some words. The player then go on map "A5" where you see a simple house with some little cemetary. You should notice also by comparaison to the image that the player cannot pass from map "A5" directly to map "A6" as the youtube video.

Then the player on map "A5" go to the map "B5", looking the image you see some brown, showing that this map have some mountain. I know that the image say some sand, but it is an old image; still the ways to pass from one map to an other is very similar.

Then from map "B5" the player go to the map "B6" wich is some village (V7). Just telling you these details so you understand the complexity to pass from one map to an other. Also there is an order to do the things as told the first village is (VR), then the first boss dungeon (B1) entrance is at the map of "B2". Then the second village (V2) at the map of "I1" and so on.

I have also put on some map, that this very old image dont show; some place that have 4 whirlpools on the same map that connect to the 4 water map. But it need the item to swim in deep water to enter the whirlpools. Some kind of shortcut. There is some mountains that can pass from one map to an other, that the player can be on these mountains; but there is things to do before. Of course as the Zelda of Snes, the player can jump from the mountain to the grass; or from a border into some deep water.

That's why i say it will take my self fiew years to build. The software Solarus with the Zelda a Link to the Past "Ressources" to create some maps is easy. But the complexity is my brain to understand the programming LUA that is used by this software.

There is many things i must think, the none playing caracters, the ennemies, the switch's, the boss' the dungeons, the houses, the lives, the coins, the items and many others things.


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