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 Post subject: Re: [request] fpRAM file format
 Post Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:56 am 
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tio_italo wrote:
Instead of the file names, I would list the tables names (maybe extracting that info from the FPT files) and storing the actual filename to create the .fpRAM file with the same name, only changing its extension, in the fpRAM folder.
this would be an easy option, if the FuturePinballSdk would be ready to handle FPT files. unfortunately only the fpRAM is fully finished yet.

tio_italo wrote:
Also, the right panel would display a more user-friendly form, like the Eight Ball DeLuxe window I've posted previously. As this application is supposed to be used by the player, not the programmer, it has to be very clear and simple to the user.
this, you can do... ;)
that FuturePinballSdk is only intended to build tools more easily.
that, what i called "fpRam Editor", i only made, because fpRAM support was close to be finished at the time you post your request... so it was a good timing of you... and a perfect time for a test to me.

first, i want to implement the other stuff (FpLibrary, FpModel and FpTable support), before i want to make cosmetic work, fine-tuning or new real tools.

PS.: for those, who are interested for the source code of the "FpRam Editor", to modify and compile their own version (e.g. your mega deluxe ultra special overkill version). :lol:
take a look to:

FpRam-Editor 2013-06-22a.7z
UPDATED 2013-06-22a (has slightly changed property grid, with more categories to expand/collapse; and only the short file-name is listed - without the full file-path)

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