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 Post subject: Hello from Arizona
 Post Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:15 am 

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Hi everyone,

I'm Gil from Tucson, Arizona. I've always loved pinball since I was in high school in the 80's and my favorite machine at the time in the arcade was Time Warp with the bananna flippers. So I ended up actually buying a used Time Warp machine about 10 years ago and I've kept it in fully working order. I was into Mame in the late 90's but then got into playing Lord of the Rings online for a few years and the machine sat idle. Begininning of this year I decided to get the Mame stuff all updated and ended up installing Hyperspin. I was already starting to plan for building a new Mame cab and after joining the HS forum I stumbled on a post about someone's pinball emulation cab build. I've been hooked every since. Blew my whole tax refund buying parts and in the last month have been putting a lot of finishing touches on the build so I'm finally starting to be able to actually play the machine instead of working on wiring all the time. I don't have a recent picture but the last one I took has everything on the exterior except I have installed an LED DMD since this photo and done a lot of interior work. I titled it HyperSpacePinball because I was really into using HyperPin at the time:

I've mainly been running Visual Pinball using Hyperpin as the front end. But in the past week I was trying to solve the issue of my LedWiz outputs staying energized when I exit tables or the front end. That led me to using the latest version of FPLaunch but I had a lot of issues with that making a lot of weird window flashes on entering a table and some of my outputs making noise when exiting. But I was willing to put up with it for now. I started wanting better preview videos because the ones I had all showed the speaker grill and DMD and looked nothing like the dB2S glasses I was running. So I was searching forums to find a good way to capture video and stumbled on a post showing a 3 up screen capture featuring War of the Worlds. I was blown away looking at that table. I went in desperate search mode to find out how to have that on my system. Turns out it was Future Pinball which I had never run. When I first started this year the posts I ran across steered me away from FP. Well I spent hours getting past some issues and getting it up and running and now I can't stop playing FP tables. I found this forum because I was getting help from rooter after following his tutorial. Now I've got a couple tables updated to fire off some contactors and I got BAM up and running but still not decided if I'm going to use it for more than better resizing and lighting capabilities. I also ended up trying out PinballX and I've switched to using it because it seems to enter and exit the tables more smoothly for me and I like having the game manager. It wasn't till a couple days after getting it setup I heard Hyperpin was working on version 2. Part of the reason I switched is that I had never seen any updates. Don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but I'm preferring PinballX right now.

So anyways I look forward to meeting new folks here. It seems like I've joined a ton of forums since I started this pinball emulation adventure. Still not sure which forum I fit in on. Some of them I've posted on and nobody says a word. But I found some info that helped me here so I wanted to join.


 Post subject: Re: Hello from Arizona
 Post Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:56 am 
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Hi and welcome Gilrock :)
I hope you enjoy yourself with us ;)

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