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 Post subject: NASA released the first sound from Mars, the landing video.
 Post Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2021 12:10 am 

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The U.S. Space Agency on Monday released the first sound from Mars, a slight crackling of wind gusts captured by the Perseverance rover.NASA also released the first video of the rover's landing last week with a mission to find signs of past life on the Red Planet.
The microphone does not work while the rover hits the water. But can catch sounds when landing on Mars NASA engineers played a record 60 seconds.What you hear in 10 seconds is an actual gust of wind on the Martian surface that the microphone picks up and returns to us here on Earth," said Dave Gruel,

chief camera and microphone system engineer for Perseverance.A 3-minute 25-second high-definition video clip shows a red and white parachute with a 70.5-foot (21.5-meter wide) canopy.It was shown that the heat shield disappeared after protecting Perseverance during Mars' entry into the atmosphere and a touchdown of a dust-rover in Jezero Crater, north of the Red Planet's equator.This is the first time we've been able to capture an event like a Mars landing," said Michael Watkins, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory director, mission manager.This is a really amazing video,” Watkins said. “We watched them all weekend.ThomaZurbuchen, NASA Assistant Scientific Administrator, said the Perseverance video of the descent is "the closest you can to a Mars lander without wearing a pressure suit.

'Perseverance, good health'

Jessica Samuels, slotxo Perseverance's surface mission manager, said the rover has been working as expected so far and that engineers are working on intensive monitoring of the system and tools.I am happy to report that persistence is healthy and continues to carry out activities as we have planned, ”Samuels said.She said the team was preparing for flight by the rover's tiny helicopter drone named Ingenuity.The team is still evaluating," she said. "We haven't locked the site yet.The ingenuity will attempt the first propulsion flight on another planet and will have to lift it up in the atmosphere with only one percent of the Earth's density.

Perseverance launched on July 30, 2020 and landed on the Martian surface on Thursday.
The main mission will last only two years. But it is likely to still perform well beyond that, the predecessor Curiosity is still operational eight years after its Mars landing.Over the next several years, Perseverance will attempt to collect 30 rock and soil samples in a sealed pipeline to return to Earth in the 2030s for laboratory analysis.About the size of an SUV, the vehicle weighs a ton, has a seven-foot robotic arm, 19 cameras, two microphones and a state-of-the-art kit.Mars is warmer and wetter than it was in the distant past, and while previous observations have indicated the planet is habitable. But persistence was entrusted to consider that someone actually lived.

It will begin drilling its first samples in the summer and will be equipped with new tools to scan for organic matter, mapping chemical compositions and laser zap stones to study vapor.One experiment involved an instrument that could convert oxygen from most of Mars' atmosphere, carbon dioxide, like plants.The idea is that ultimately, humans don't need to carry their own oxygen on future travel, which is essential for rocket fuel and breathing.The rover is just the fifth to land on Mars. This success was first achieved in 1997 and was all American.The United States is finally preparing for a human mission to Earth, although planning is still preliminary.

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