The first ideas for the Challenge Rules
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Author:  Helirist [ Mon Jan 24, 2011 10:21 am ]
Post subject:  The first ideas for the Challenge Rules

Hi all Pinball Fan's

As I had already mentioned in the last news,
if I consider just like one a competition could form.
With it I mean: Rules, the expiry, kind and choice of the tables et cetera. I want to be quite honest.
I make such a thing for the first time and, therefore, am nervous a little bit because I
if this thinks I many mistakes, besides can make.
So I would like to show you sometimes what has occurred to me till present.
This must not be the final version.
I would know with pleasure like you find it.
And it would be nice if her your thought in addition could give.
Proposals and changes are very welcome!

So, here it is:

01. Two tables which are played during 1 week are determined.
A table for players with HPP(means High Power Pc's) Players
and a table for the LPP(means Low Power Pc's) Players.

02.Winner is, the player with the highest score of the week. This is valid for the HPC Players
and for the LPC Players.

03.The winner of the table of the HPP,
may determine to the next weeks table (inkl. Table Slope and Warning before Tilt) for the HPP.
The winner of the table of the LPP,
may determine to the next weeks table (inkl. Table Slope and Warning before Tilt) for the LPP
The winners may determine "Table Slope" and "Warning before Tilt" for her elective table.

04.The high scores are sent in a specially Thread.

05.A play round lasts one week and ends on the seventh day at 15:00 o'clock forum time.
Then the winners of both classes are determined and announced at 17:00 o'clock.
Then both winners have to determine till 20:00 o'clock time the new two weeks tables.
Then the next weeks round begins at 00.00 o'clock of the first day of the new round.

06.The communication of the high scores is based on trust.
Who would want a Scrennshot can send. However, this is no duty.
The last valid announcement of a high score can be delivered on the seventh day
at 15:00 o'clock Forum Time.

07.For the topical tables links to the download on "Future Pinball Release (FPR)" are offered.

08.The tables are as played as they on "FPR" be offered to the download.

09.At the tables and in the construction of the Tables, nothing may be changed.

10.No use of the editor.

I hope this my translation from German into English feels well enough.
A part is from my knowledge and the other part is from "PROMT-Translator" ;)

A question to the specialists:
Is it to be suspended possibly a fpRAM file to a high score news? As well as a picture to a post? With it it would be possible to transmit a high score certainly.

So as said, I would be glad to hear your advice and opinions.

With Respect Helirist

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