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 Post subject: Just a general WIP question, if I might be so bold.......
 Post Posted: Sat May 23, 2015 2:45 am 

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Hi guys,
My family and I have been a great fan of FP and its community members (scripters, designers, programmers, et al) for many years now, thanks for all your great effort and work in bringing a lot of the world's pinball history to us, the masses. I'm sure we aren't the only people who appreciate who admire and resoet all your works, whether high quality or not so all takes know-how, time n effort, so our profound thanks for that.

Ok, now the customary pleasantries hqbe been addressed, I havw a question....

I've just been playing the wonderful 'X-Files' table, which leads me to ask....considering the amount of work and detail that has been put into that table (I'm using that table as an example), would it not be possible for some of the more talented scripters/table producers to work together (as it seems you often do, working on different aspects od the tables you work on, to somehow manage to get a WIP's started for two of Williamss' best (IMHO) 'Red n Ted's Roadshow' and '(Crazy Bob's) JumkYard, please.

I'm no scripter, just your average guy/Dad who has been a pinball fan since my childhood (really brought to my attention when the movie, The Who's Tommy' was (mainly) filmed in and around my hometown, Portsmouth (and Southse) here in the UK, way back in 1975. Admittedly, I know I've dropped the odd request for these two tables a few times in this forum or on PinSimDB (along with 'The Who's Tommy' and 'Black Rose' (one that ghostmachine has already started work on).
The reason I'm making this post uniqualy here< and hope I can be forgiven for that, but after playing 'The X-Files' and other complex tables with deep rulesets< I#m just wondering if any of you guys would like to recreate some, if not all, of our requested tables, and if there was ANYthing we could do to help or offer as an incentive (not monetart, I'm afraid, as I have to live on disability payments from our governemt, since smashing my leg to pieces in a bad motorcycle accident in Indonesia in 2009, and still hasn't fully healed, due to ongoing infections, unfortunately.
So, to round it off, I hope I javen't been too bold in requesting these tables, but it's mainly because in all the uerats FP has been around, I'm surprised that not one of those four tables has been recreated for FP. So, we REALLY hope one or some of you guys might gibe our requests some consuderation for future WIP's?

Bless you all,

Best regards

Al & Family

 Post subject: Re: Just a general WIP question, if I might be so bold......
 Post Posted: Sat May 23, 2015 7:47 am 

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Hey Al I've noticed your hints :)
I have only scripted a couple of simple tables
and otherwise am primarily a tweaker.(multiplayer support/save game etc...)
I am happy to participate in team projects, thanks for
taking the initiative

 Post subject: Re: Just a general WIP question, if I might be so bold......
 Post Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 4:07 pm 
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:) ok Al. Well here's where i can help..

Red n Ted's Roadshow :cry: (im not going to do) why.. is because i don't like puppets. they usually end up killing everyone, just like on the Twilight Zone, and in Dead Silence. LOL :lol:

(Crazy Bob's) JumkYard. I am willing to start that one next Zedster.. because i just started yet another version of Castlevania. So i can start gathering up some stuff for JunkYard. I tend to work on 2 tables at the same time better anyways.. because the original idea takes time to think about, but the re- creation is just looking at photo and re creating it with sources. So i will start up JunkYard for you. But someone will really have to help with that one because there are lots of models, like Dog house, hippy van, and twirlet.. I can probably re use the van from the Ninja Turtles table that i have on here, and just re, texture it and re size it.. then the twirlett from Austin Powers can be used.

I can leave the scripts blank and someone better at scripts can come along and do that part.. so scripts and scoring i will leave blank.. and maybe a few models i will leave blank as well, like the dog house.. i will see what i can do to get it started 4 uz.

uz = you in new york lingo.. example "uz want a pizza."

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 Post subject: Re: Just a general WIP question, if I might be so bold......
 Post Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2020 7:17 pm 

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 Post subject: Re: Just a general WIP question, if I might be so bold......
 Post Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2021 10:35 pm 

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