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Author:  20degree [ Fri May 01, 2015 5:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

My new table is released. It is called Faxanadu X Pinball version 1.08 Normal Game. You can find it on Pinsimdb at:

Thank's to some peoples this pinball creation idea of mine would not be possible. It's a unique type of pinball, that i think dont exist virtually and in real life; friends of mine also think the same.

The reason is simply because this game, have separated score points that is for some distinct use. There is the "score points display", there is the "money points display", there is the "life energy points display" and there is the "boss energy points display. This pinball is a quest type game!

In the game the player first enter the church, where there is a story explaining the purpose of the game. Doing so there are money targets that is activated. Wich are necessary to buy some items as: (swords/shields/rings/magics). There are 16 items to buy, each items cost more then the previous one. Also for each items, the player can have some ranks. Up to 16 ranks.

The scripting i have done, make the player money points that are gain; be calculated and is reduced for the items buyed. So you can say it have some kind of calculator that have been programmed into the game. The calculator not only calculate the money points for buying some items or energy. It also calculate when the player enter some combat mode against a boss. There is up to 9 boss's. Where the player hit the ball, it can make the boss loose some (boss points) or even loose some (player points).

When the player is out of energy points, the player can buy some energy; with make the player able to combat again the last boss (some kind of reset of the player energy points, and the boss energy points). for the combat mode.

I'm not sure that some peoples of you, have seen such a pinball type, where the player can buy items, loose or gain some life energy points; and even combat a boss that have an amount of energy points!?

The ranks make some boss combat mode harder, but also can give some times more life energy points to the player. Like some games that the player "level up", wich make the player have more energy points.

Peoples, who know the old nintendo (nes) game called Faxanadu, would surely remember the musics and sounds. I have to amplify some sounds, because there where some that could not pass trough the musics.

There is also a skill shot, when the ball is into the plunger lane. There is also by spinning the spinners door, can make the money points objects hit; be of different values. In combat mode the player can also make possible to gain some energy points, by hitting the droptargets when the red bulb light is blinking. There is also some bonus points, when the player loose the ball. All sort of things and options into the game.

In the scripting i have put a lot of comment lines, so peoples that want to understand the structure logics of the game i programmed; more easy to follow. It have a lot of scripting code line numbers more then 9000, that include the comments lines. The majority of the scripting is made by my self, but to be honest not all by my self; because some peoples here on Gopinball have helped my self. So thank's to them, because they have made me progress in Futurepinball.

The reason why i have called it "Normal Game", is because i think to create some version 1.08; but an "Easy Game" and a "Hard Game". For that i'll need the comments here of peoples that would download the Faxanadu X Game. The things that i could change, is how much the items cost, how much the energy cost, the player and boss energy for each 9 combat mode.

Well i hope that peoples will like this game, have fun with it and recommend it to others.

Have a nice day and fun game. A+

Author:  wild [ Sat May 02, 2015 6:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

nice theme and great work especially in the script,bravo!

Author:  momoch [ Sat May 02, 2015 8:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

Great Original creation ! Nice work, congratulations !

Many thanks to share your creation

Author:  20degree [ Sat May 02, 2015 8:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

I have sent you a PM wild to respond to your PM message, just in case you look here first.

Thank's Momoch for your comments. Most of the look of the table is made by my brother. Thank's also for your suggestions for my free pdf beginner tutorials guides. It have helped my self to help others.

Thank's to follow up my creations. If you know this old nes game called Faxanadu. Well i have done a lot of search of the game, as the items, the ranks. They progress in my table as the old nes game. So i have to read some walktrough guides of the game.

They have a lot of free resources about the Faxanadu old nes game. Because it was a very popular type of game quest adventure, for it's time beeing when they did not have some playstation, xbox and others advanced type of games. You'll notice just by doing a web search about the game it's popularity.

The thing is i am not so good into some very eye catching attractive design. But at leass i do a lot of testing of the possibilities, so it should have no bug. I think to create a Faxanadu v1.08 but version Easy and a Hard version. But peoples that try this game, should tell me as: well id like the items cost 5 money points or 10 money points, or this item should cost this amount. Also like in combat mode number 1 to number 9, the player should have this life score points, and the boss this boss energy points. Well i think you've got the idea!? As so peoples can also try the Easy Game or Hard Game.

Once again thank's for following my pinball creations and have a nice day! A+

Author:  20degree [ Sat May 23, 2015 12:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

Just letting peoples know that i have find a tiny little bug into my Faxanadu v1.08 Normal game. It was one of the alley, near the flippers that light On the wrong light. So i have fix it, deleted the old one and put back the one that is ok.

Also i want to make peoples know that i have also created an Faxanadu v1.08 "Easy Version" and it is on at: The things that are different, is that for each items it cost 10 money points more then the previous item. Also that each boss energy points is more easy. Each boss have 25 energy points more then the previous boss, and the player have 100 energy points.

Also when the player loose all his energy points, the shop to buy some energy points cost less. So the game should be more easy. The last thing i have done is that, when the ball goes on one of the outside lanes alley; the ball is not lost except if some peoples that look the script change the kickers scripts that save the ball on the outside lanes.

Hope that you'll have fun with this version also. It should be more easy, so players can try this pinball; and complete the Faxanadu X Pinball Quest.

Have a nice day, and thank's to follow the pinball's i created; or participated in it's creation! A+

Author:  20degree [ Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

Just letting peoples know that the Faxanadu X Pinball game on, that a free PDF Guide about the game has been created. I have made it because some peoples that have played it, told me that it could be great to add a PDF guide explaining things of the game. Some kind of little game manual with some description for peoples playing the game, but also if some pinball company would like to recreate in real life this unique type of game. A+


Juste faire part aux gens que le jeu Faxanadu X Pinball sur, qu'un guide PDF gratuit sur cette table de pinball a été créer. J'ai créer ce guide pour les gens jouant le jeu, donc plusieurs m'ont écris que ce serait très bon de faire un guide pdf expliquant le jeu. Une sorte de petit manuel (en anglais) décrivant le jeu, mais également pour des compagnies qui voudrait créer cette table de pinball unique en son genre dans la vrai vie. A+

Author:  MadMrMax [ Thu Aug 06, 2015 2:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

I also want to say how unique this table is from an "adventure game" style. Challenging but very fun. It reminds me of the uniqueness of the pinball game Safe Cracker. ( If you ever get a chance to play that game I recommend that you do! You might also try the VP version of the game.

I also want to say how I like how detailed you commented the script in your table. This is very helpful to others that are wondering how to do things.


Author:  20degree [ Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

Yes it's quite a unique game that's what some peoples that have writen to me have told my self. This because the different independent score functions (Score Pts, Life Pts, Money Pts, Boss Pts). Also because it is a real adventure quest. I wonder if the pdf guide i have add to explain well the things of the game, or if i should add more content infos about the game. If some peoples say what should be told about the game in a pdf, so replacing the pdf to explain more details that peoples would want.

Some friends of my self, have told me that i shoud be paid, because i am able to explain things in very easy ways. But i have told to them, the knowledges that peoples have given me was free; and because of them i have some knowledges to create some fun futurepinball games. It's always important for my self to give many thank's to all of them.

There are peoples, that have even givin me the authorizations to write some commercial books; and most of them there authorizations was a long time ago but still valuable. Even if i would have the tools, knowledges and much more to create commercial books, wich sadly i dont. I still care to help the peoples free, my 5th little guide that have more then 50 pages prove about it. This because the time distance when some peoples have givin me the authorizations (by respect of the authors and copyrights) comparing to my latest free pdf guide.

Who know's maybe in time i could find an good "honest" mentor that have already been some author of some books; and could help my self?

I'm glad that you have find the script of Faxanadu X Pinball, have very much details comments. I have two reasons why i do this. 1st it is more easy for my self to follow my own script, but 2nd mostly reason it's to help peoples.

I'm glad that peoples follow my creations and guides. A+

Author:  maceman [ Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

This is formidable!
C'est vrai cool. :)
Excellent work on the script, so many interesting things you've accomplished
in this table. This is what I love about originals on any platform.
I love the music in this as well. Is there a way to skip through the 'dialogues'
once we've read them? I do that in zelda as well :)
Just wanted to say how nice this one is. bravo.

Author:  20degree [ Fri Aug 07, 2015 9:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

Hi maceman

When you say skip through dialogues, i wonder if you speak about the "king message at start", or/and "when you buy things" or/and "when you have ranks" or/and "when you buy some energy" for the Faxanadu X Real Adventure Quest futurepinball game??

I think i can script it, i'll have to make a new version (add some script lines, also add some comments for beginners reading the script) and replace the version 1.08 on The thing i think i could do, is make the king say the message as "press one of the flippers keys to skip some messages".

I wonder what you would think about it??

For the musics there are find on the web with the keyword free. If you find the old Nes game called Faxanadu, you'll notice there are very alike; even the sounds. Because this old game was so popular it was easy to find free resources. If you find a emulator of the old nintendo like "jnes" and the rom "faxanadu". You'll notice the comparaison with the audios.

Because of all the things i had think to put for this pinball real adventure quest, i had to put some messages papers pinned on the wall; and link them with some rope. So stepping back from the wall have helped my self have a global view of the different parts of the game as the scripting and the game logics. If you find some walktrough guide (of this old nes game) and take a look at the pdf on Pinsimdb about this game i created. You can compare it with the old nes game.


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