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Author:  20degree [ Fri Aug 14, 2015 7:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

Seem no one write me. Should it mean that my table have no bugs, that peoples have not seen the bug of some of the dmd messages? I wonder if it is my FP software? Please write me, thank you! A+

Author:  maceman [ Fri Aug 14, 2015 12:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

Hi There,

For me....summer...3 kids to is busy....
Regardless, I am happy to help if needed.
First off, lets make sure we are on the same FP platform. For your game sir, I have only been playing with Future Pinball 2.6(alt), table slope set to 8. I currently only have a desktop running(cab is at my brothers stored currently since our move) so I can comment only on what i see, ie. the main table.

Looks great. Plays good.
Things I would change first:
1. Playfield has too many low res pictures. I can help with that if you need graphics help, but you can do it also by finding better pics. I try to use 300dpi res myself, but that can be difficult to find sometimes...10 minutes more in the graphics dept. can really make the table shine. Your models are superb. Leave them as is!
2. Outer lanes are ball hungry, that is, my ball often goes down the right far lane, sometimes left, normally retrieved once if lane lit, but almost always goes down again....this can either be physics related (ie. how the rubbers elasticity is set), or can be fixed by maybe putting a post in front of lanes off to side so ball can still go out lane, but alot less frequent, which would increase table play enjoyment.
3. DMD- Thank-you very much for implementing my suggestion! It is WAY BETTER....However, here is an issue i would fix. The main message is on a timer. The timer allows the DMD messages to change every 5 seconds or so, whatever you set it for, i am just guessing.... The issue is that when someone uses flippers to advance the message, the original timer is still moving the DMD messages....thus you will skip a message possibly. The fix would be to fix the script such that:
Someone presses a flipper to advance
restart original timer to 0secs

I do not script in FP so you will have to work this out, but this is what I believe would fix this issue.
4. Set Flippers to: Left: 118 start angle, -52 swing; Right: 242 52 swing. Always make sure flippers do not bump ball when ball comes down lane. Should be smooth as silk. I use guides to make sure it is smooth.
I hope this is understandable. A fantastic table really. Lots of potential and fun!
btw- been playing Faxanadu on my Wii steady since my last post. Super fun game. Thanx again for pointing me to it. I like the music on your table better than the real game! Sounds better!

Author:  20degree [ Fri Aug 14, 2015 2:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

Thank's for the comments, it's important for my self to create fun futurepinball games. For what is the version of my FP software it is the same as the one find on (wich is version 19). I always make pinball with the basic FP software, this to make it compatible with all peoples.

You are right, i have not think about the timer with the flippers "togethers". The timer make the message skip and pressing the flippers also, wich can make skip multiple messages. I should make possible that the player can go to the next message, by simply pressing one of the flippers go to the next message; and eliminate the timers that make some dmd messages auto-skip. I'm glad that peoples as you help me, thank's!

I know that my table the graphics are low resolution. It is made as so for different reasons. First reason upmost it is because of my Windows XP slow computer, but having a slow computer can help me know if the contents and table will load ok on many computers. Second reason is because i think of the pinball weight, when the table have big size things into it; the loading is longer and the table file size in MB is higher. Third reason i have notice when i have downloaded some tables on that have great graphics of 300dpi (dots per inch) some graphics did not want to be shown (taking too much graphic card resources). 72dpi or better 96dpi seem ok, because some table i have tryed i had to optimize some of there graphics to 96dpi so load better. I wont write what tables, by respect of the authors.

I'd please like that you Maceman PM me, so you could help me create a better "look" of the table. A big weakness i have is to make the table design look very "eye catching". If you look at my other pinball's creations i have build alone. They are very standard looking. Faxanadu X is one of my best pinball creation, beside Crazy Skull wich this one is great with stereo headphones. Faxanadu X i'm sure Maceman you have notice the musics and sounds are very similar as the game. As you have writen the audios of mine are better, i have simply made them more clear to listen.

What i can do is simply add your nickname as a person that have helped to create a new version, build with FP version 19.xxxxx. I'm not sure that i have the software FP 2.6 or 2.5? Maybe it would be a good idea to make a version for the FP software version 19 and one for the software FP version 2.5? But should be indicated on so peoples could know if it might be compatible with there version.

For the Rubber, i dont know much about the rubbers. The only rubbers there is, is the triangle forms near the flippers. The only thing i know is to glide the rectangle from left to right (strengh properties) into the FP software. For the flippers, i also have some basic knowledges (i use the model into FP), but i'll try with the properties that you have told. If i have understand (please correct me if ive missunderstood) that the rubbers strengh that bounce the ball should be less, so less possibility that it goes to one of the outside lanes; by bouncing on one of the triangles?

Maybe you Maceman (when i'll be again on this new table project) Get Smart Pinball:
Might help me with the look also and maybe other things; but not know. Me also i have my ways of life. I understand that it's not easy babysitting. Some times i help a person that have some grand kids. The worst part for me is the diapers. She clean and change the diaper of her grand kids; and i open the bag for it. I'm glad for the invention of clothes pegs, so i can block my nasales from the smelly diaper odor lolll.


Author:  maceman [ Sat Aug 15, 2015 10:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

The best idea would be to find help from someone who authors in FP.
I am a VP guy as far as authorship unfortunately....but I can offer pointers and support :)
I come here to support Steve P's work which I have enjoyed since the days of DarkQuest, but these guys can help much more with FP info.
Thing is, they are so advanced now in knowledge, asking someone to step back is hard to do as it takes so much time away from their own projects... Time and studying their tables will be helpful.

The issue with the resolution is not a big deal for this table because Faxanadu is 8 bit and thus the resources one can find for this will be 8bit unfortunately. Even if someone created a high res pic of an 8 bit picture, all one would have as a result is a very high resolution pic of a jaggedy edged image :)
Just as a side-note, if we look at some of the more advanced FP authors who have been authoring for awhile, ie Tii, you will see he uses a mixture of high and lower res. The reason is obvious. Resources. Unless one recreates everything themselves from scratch when they cannot find what they need, we have to put up with what we sometimes can find on the internet as a resource, which is fine. I don't like to make a big deal of graphics too early...the best thing is to concentrate on table fun and line flow. Try Tii's newest table to see what i mean by very well designed 'lines'. When you flipper a ball, it should almost always hit somewhere fun...a ramp, target, bumper, whatever....If we often hit something that gives no points, it hinders the fun. Just something else to keep in mind when authoring.

As for rubbers and physics...we need someone else to advise here as I am not an FP author. In VP, you can alter each objects elasticity, which will increase or decrease bounce. If I am correct, the way to alter such things these days in FP is to use Zed Physics, where you can use one of the later FP (alt) versions with better physics... I think....
I am forgetting alot as I have been out of the loop for awhile...hopefully someone can chime in here. Open6l would know this answer. He has helped me many times with pinball related technical things..... :)

Author:  HappyCab [ Sat Aug 15, 2015 12:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

"Time and studying their tables will be helpful."

- Words of wisdom...

Author:  20degree [ Sat Aug 15, 2015 2:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

Thank's guy's for your help!

I have created a playfield image of Faxanadu in Png format of 300dpi (with the basic images things into), if some peoples would like to create there own background playfield look of Faxanadu.

Here is the temporary link:
The link point to a zip file that just have the png image into. The zipped file near 1.69MB and unzipped near 1.74mb. I know it have no virus into it, but as always for your safety; i always encourage peoples to antivirus check the file.

Who know maybe some peoples will create very nice playfields background design and put it here. Maybe i could even make with it some time auto-changing playfield look. Some sort of "images list" that would be like 1mm height (thick) of the size of the playfield; would be maybe very nice?

When i'll have time i'll make a new version of Faxanadu, making possible to skip the message with only the flippers.

Once again, big thank's! A+

Author:  20degree [ Sat Aug 15, 2015 2:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

I wonder where i could find this FP (Alt) with Zed Physics that you indicate me Maceman, and where to download it? Also if there are things to do (step by step) to make it update, if it is some kind of patch (files replacing others); or even if it is some new Futurepinball Setup file version? Thank's.

Author:  20degree [ Sun Aug 16, 2015 5:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

Just letting peoples know, that at:
There is a new version called version 1.11 Normal Game. Some changes has been made by reading some comments. What are the changes made? Well the flippers strength is a bit higher, the bouncing triangles strength near the flippers is a bit less; also that the outside bottom lanes is more blocked.

The important thing that peoples must know, is that in this version the Dmd messages are "Not Auto-Skipped". To skip some Dmd messages, the player "must" press on one of the flipper keys. Each time (in dmd message time) when the player press the left or right flipper key, the message is skipped and show the next message. The advantage of it? Well the player can now take the time to read the messages sequences, or the player can even skip all the sequences messages very fast.

I hope that you'll like it this new version?

Thank's for your time, thank's for your comments; and thank's for your help. A+

Author:  20degree [ Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

In time i'll made a Faxanadu X Pinball version 1.11 (Easy Game). Very similar as the v1.09 Easy, but with the option to skip the dmd messages with the Flippers as in version 1.11 (Normal Game). These times i'm a little busy. Also that i think to take out the table pages: (La petite vie / Super Metroid / Zelda / The 2 Flinstones Tables / The 2 Eye Wonder Tables) there are old, there is not much peoples downloading them, i find them not much good; and because it take some web hosting space on Pinsimdb. Thank's for your comments and thank's for helping me build better futurepinball tables. A+

Author:  20degree [ Sun Jan 31, 2016 6:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Faxanadu X FuturePinball Game

Thank's for the vote Bodik and for writing a link to some site about creating some books. Me when i have gone to some book event that have passed. I have seen some authors, there was an author that have givin me the link wich is (French: Union des Ecrivains du Qu├ębec) "English: Writers Union of Quebec". There is an other writer that have told some infos about writing some document to a house edition/publisher.

One thing for sure i'll give many thank's to the peoples that have helped me trough time, like Chris from Futurepinball, the Pinsimdb Team from Pinsimdb and Gopinball, to Mete from Milkshape3d, to Ton from Blender; and many others. If it bring more visitors to them, with there "add's/banner" it could bring them more money and i'll be glad for them.

But i'm not sure creating some guide book about how to use FP soft; and sell it. Would bring me some money, because i think to create some book that would be quite alike my free pdf guides. My intentions is more to help peoples that start with creating some FP tables, also i want the readers "beginners mostly with FP" know the great peoples here that i like very much and have many great talents. I know that i repeat my self, but if it was not from peoples here and others i would have not been able to create some FP tables games and create some pdf guides for beginners.

FP editor soft to create some tables is a great free software to create some games and to play games made with it. I remember when i have first started with FP soft, ive simply downloaded some FP tables, play them and try to understand the script "without having some programming knowledges". Trough time ive asked some questions like make some bumper flash, be turned on or turned to off and make some points. Briefly just with the model components that the FP soft had. That was the time i had no knowledges about importing some ms3d models. My knowledges was real basic, put some FP object and play my game. Trough time my knowledges have grown with the help of peoples. That's when ive think that it would be great to create some guides to help beginners with the FP soft. Beginners that would want to know "how to do this" without beeing on the web and real easy.

I have read some beginners softwares book guides on various softwares, but many things i did not understand and many things i have wandered and wanted to know. Some peoples that know me personnaly, know when i write things and explain also with some images; knows that my explications are very details. They have told me many times, why not write some books about some softwares for beginners. I have not been approched to do so and i have some limitations "like the time" when i have some laundry, groceries, pay bills etc. Even so some friends say that my explications writen on things are easy to understand; for me i'm just an ordinary guy.

Well Bodik i hope that you liked the Faxanadu FP table game? Also look the script, i put many indications comment lines; that could help peoples know how i have programmed it.


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