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 Post subject: Re: Define new pinball-sim-editor.... (TABLE-DEVS vs CODERS)
 Post Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2014 7:32 pm 
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Some of the things I'd like to see in the future-

Instant conversions of .gif Files into (A working Imagelist) An Imageslist for easy Animated video sequences (forgot what they're called exactly sorry).

Reworked Font Editor with An Onboard Preview window.Also,I believe the Editor should work more like A GIF Editor in the sense you can clearly have the option whither you're making actual Font or A much larger Animated image and/or both.This would make custom DMD stuff much,much more easier not to mention fun to explore.

Repeatable sequence button on Light Sequencers.This would eliminate over excesses of needless code (If you can on current versions then disregard)

Auto cutout of pictures of actual Pinball playgrounds in the .bmp category.It would read the exact edges all around and sharpens and enhances the background saving time in photoshop.

The ability to change shape of backglass (like being able to make something like Pinball2000's more monitor-like backglass for example).

Many Pinball Games have one ball entrapped between two metal pegs,if you hit hard it'll fly and hit A target.Well,I am aware there is A way to do this within FP now.However,just making the option available and somewhat easy to implement would just be so,so helpful.

Auto scripting (certain non-essential) things would be awesome such as for example placing A simple Kicker without taking the time right then to have to go into the Script and manually write it out right then.Instead,A window would pop open and you simply click "Auto-Assign".Underneath that window you simply choose where in the Script you want it written (User Defined Script ect.).That way you can quickly test the Kicker first and do whatever,but it just saves you that little extra step which I think is always good.


 Post subject: Re: Define new pinball-sim-editor.... (TABLE-DEVS vs CODERS)
 Post Posted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 3:50 pm 

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Looking over the thread, here are some thoughts:

File formats: It's unlikely to be hard to include a lot of file formats (for both sound and video) - there are libraries out there that could be incorporated fairly easily. (Or at least fairly easily compared to the scope of the project. ;) )

Native Support (of things): Since you're planning on being open source, I don't see an urgent need to support ROMs or LEDWiz (or table shakers, physical DMD support, or teleportation devices) from the start. They can be added in later. Just make sure that the code is flexible enough that they can be added easily enough.

Files: I agree that it'd be best to have a single file for each table. It seems to me the best case would be single files that are ZIPs of the working files, since even though a single file per table is best for the user, it's not best for the developer. I didn't see anything about choice of scripting languages - Python and Javascript are the most widely known, and there's tons of free info out there on them, so either would be a minimal hurdle. Plus there's the additional incentive that learning either gives you a real world skill.

Other: Why not include the ability to use SVGs as a native graphic file format? Not *the* native graphic file format, but it seems to me that being able to make tables that are can be resized without artifacts would be quite good. In a few years from now there'll be a scramble to redo all the FP and VP tables for 4k video. Better to have tables that naturally scale up without reworking. (Generally I think 4K is a gimick, but not if you're as close to the screen as you are with a Cab)

 Post subject: Re: Define new pinball-sim-editor.... (TABLE-DEVS vs CODERS)
 Post Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:51 pm 

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 Post subject: Re: Define new pinball-sim-editor.... (TABLE-DEVS vs CODERS)
 Post Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2015 8:54 pm 

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I think it"s a great idea, because one day moded version would touch their limits.

First of all, i'll says, it is never to early to create a repository and to ask help for this project (as you want to put it on open source).

I think many people can contribute, even non-programers). For exemple, i could help for french translation.

Now i'll say what it should be cool to have.
- A real modern script editor, with auto completation of syntax.
- Make a system of RAD (like delphi, vb ,...) ie when you put an object on the table, you can edit shortly its properties and methods.
- I don"t thinf have only one type of object is a good idea.
- It would be great to play the table without open the editor.
- Possibility to view the change directly in editor

 Post subject: Re: Define new pinball-sim-editor.... (TABLE-DEVS vs CODERS)
 Post Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 1:39 am 

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By no means am I an expert and my idea may have already been discussed. It seems that we might take a cue from the Visual Pinball folks and add the ability to use roms from instead of having to create everything from scratch. It seems it would help create recreations of existing tables anyway. Of course, we would need to keep the ability to write everything from scratch if the developer wants to create an original table.


 Post subject: Re: Define new pinball-sim-editor.... (TABLE-DEVS vs CODERS)
 Post Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:43 am 

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Hey George,

this + an "overlay" for the flipper physics and we have pretty much the best thing around. There could be another "system" for lights and flashers AS Well. But Roms and a huge improvement in the flipper section would be awesome. To be honest I already lost faith and a lot of people I know also did so. Meanwhile I met many people in real live that own a cab. All of these guys prefer VP. FP could be huge, but the flipper physics kill the experience.

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